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Secure Http

The site can be hosted using secure version of http also, i.e., HTTPS.
It sends the information in encrypted form so it's secure.
It uses SSL and sends through port number 443 instead of port 80.
requires a license/certificate to be purchased to host the site using secured version, i.e., HTTPS.

Handshake in TCP

3 way Handshake:

When TCP establishes the connection. Steps followed:
1) SYN packet is sent by A to B with a random sequence number(for initial seq. no.), say SYN 1000 as a request to establish the connection.
2) B sends ACK 1001 indicating to send the packet 1001 assuring the request to be accepted.
3) A sends ACK 1001 to indicate that it has received the request confirmation.

4 Way Handshake:

When there's a connection termination then 4 way handshake is used.
For termintation of connection in one direction:
1) FIN packet is sent
2) Other party acknowledges it
Similar process is followed for connection to end the other way as it's a full duplex connection.