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Upload a multi-part/image/file using curl

This post is about uploading a file to server using curl. Why I'm writing this post is because of a possible bug in Postman which forced me to look for an alternative to test my upload api.

Test if curl is present in system :
$ which curl

If curl is not present then install it : yum (centos), apt-get (ubuntu), brew (mac)

Syntax of the command :
curl -F "param1=value" -F "param2=value2" -F "filecomment=file_comment" -F "image=@image_path" server_api

Here's an example of the same :
curl -F "user_id=12" -F "description": "desc" -F "filecomment=This is an image file" -F "image=@/Users/Desktop/testim.png" localhost:80/myblog/create

If using nodeJs, you can fetch the values in fields & files parameters.